1. What is the minimum and maximum size of the mirror and embedded TV?

These sizes defined by possibilities of purchase monitors or television sets required sizes. Embedding could be all the existing sizes. 

2. Brightness and picture clarity usually corresponds to a TV but image a little bit faded?

Brightness and sharpness meets the specifications of the used monitor, distorting the image of the mirror is not introduced.

3. Is mirror waterproof?

Depends of the TV type.

4. A range of ambient temperature in which the Mirror TV can work normally?

It's determined by the specifications of your monitor.

5. How impact resistant is your product?

Product created on the basis of triplex glass, mirror on impact does not disintegrate, and the remnants glass stay on themembrane.

6. Do you perform mounting mirrors with a TV?

Yes, we can install a mirror with a TV, mounting cost of 15% of product cost.

7. Does the room lighting and direct sunlight on your product have a bad influence?


8. Where can I see in the mirror TV work?

In our showroom in the office.

9. Can I use the product without the remote control?

In work there are touch screen version of our product, which will be realized product control function on the front panel.

10. Do you provide any guarantee on the mirror TV?

Guarantee of on the mirror perpetual, the guarantee on electronics 1 year or according to manufacturer's guarantee.

11. What is unique of your product?

Positive: in our mirrors are out any extra shade reflection mirrors safe (triplex).

Negative: objectively heavy product.

12. Are you working with cashless payments?

Yes, we work with cashless payments.

13. Can I order your product beyond Moscow.  How can I order it.

Call us and we will made a mirror and send you to your address.